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New Beginnings

Writing a blog is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I have felt too busy to focus enough to write. The pandemic, social issues, political climate, and life in general just seems so overwhelming that adding one more thing to my cup may bring me to my tipping point. Maybe I need to function from a tipping point. Instead of holding so much in, maybe I need to allow some things to flow from me in order to empty myself so that I can be filled again. Maybe me being creative, creativity is incredibly healthy, is writing. Maybe I do not need to contain myself any longer. So I write...

In my quiet time with the Lord, that is not so quite by the way, I am learning that each day is a new beginning. What happened yesterday or the day before does not have to control my today. Micah Tyler has a new album he has released that reminds me of this truth. Specifically, there are two songs on that album that I connect with, "New Today" and "What Mercy Did for Me." So if your yesterday, or the last year, has not gone as you wanted or needed it to, remember today is a new day, a new beginning. It's a gift know as the present! (I am so punny!) In Christ, Susan

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